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$ 50

Per Hour
  • 1-10 Hour Sessions


$ 500

10-Hour Session
  • Please call to book your night session

20-Hour PackageSave $100

$ 900

Per Package
  • May be shared unless purchased with an additional discount

30-Hour PackageSave $300

$ 1200

Per Package
  • May be shared unless purchased with an additional discount

Club Subscription40% off

$ 99

Per Month
  • The Club Subscription is $99 per 6-month term
  • Subscription includes unlimited EES Sessions at $30/Hour
  • Subscription includes complimentary monthly guest pass to bring first-time visitor for up to 4 hours at $30/Hour
  • Subscribers must purchase at least 8 hours of EES sessions per month. Unused hours do not rollover to the next month
  • Subscribers may attend overnight sessions for $300 if accompanied by at least one other person
  • The Subscription cannot be shared
  • Full Club Subscription details are included in the Club Subscription Agreement under the Resources section

Group RatesUp to 50% off

$ 99

Per Month
  • Must pre-pay, non-refundable, Phone appointment only
  • 4-5 members – get 10% discount
  • 6-7 members – get 15% discount
  • 8-9 members – get 25% discount
  • 10-11 members – get 30% discount
  • 12-14 members – get 50% discount

Slumber Party4 beds and 4 cots Available

$ 600

Per Person
  • Phone appointment only
  • 1 Member – $500
  • 2 Members – $450 each
  • 3 Members – $400 each
  • 4 Members – $350 each
  • 5 -7 Members – $300 each
  • 8th Member – FREE

Healthy Body Healthy Soul is a Private Membership Association. We offer a free, lifetime membership, which is required for all our members prior to appointment booking.

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📢 Announcement: Veterans 4 Free Hours of EESystem time each month! 🎉

We are pleased to honor and show our gratitude to the brave men and women who have served our country. In recognition of their sacrifices, we are offering Veterans 4 FREE HOURS in our EESystem to be used each month. Please call the office at 985-898-9445 to receive your hours for this month and book your session.


We are pleased to offer 10% discounts to Veterans, Seniors 70 and older, and Unifyd TV members. In addition, we offer veterans 4 free hours in the EESystem, per month. Proof of discount eligibility is required in person, upon session check-in. Unifyd TV members can provide their membership receipt as proof. In addition, if a member with special needs or severe disabilities requires the attendance of a caregiver, that caregiver is included at no charge. Caregivers must call the office at the time of booking to receive a discount code.

Please use the following eligible discount codes at the time of payment:


Cancellation Policy

  • Members must cancel a minimum of 24 hours before a session to avoid incurring a penalty. Members will have the option of receiving a refund or rescheduling their appointment.
  • Members who book 24 hours or fewer before a session will have a 2 hour grace period to cancel the session without a penalty.
  • Members are allowed a one-time Late Cancel or No Show without incurring a penalty.
  • Members with 2 or more No Shows or Late Cancels will forfeit any prepaid monies.
  • Members who arrive late may attend their session for the remaining appointment time only and will not be eligible for a refund.

Preparing for Your Session

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your session.
  • It is important to hydrate before, during and after your session.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please refrain from wearing any perfume, lotions or essential oils.
  • The EESystem room is quiet and people will be relaxing, or hopefully sleeping. Ear plugs, blankets and water will be available. We also offer eye masks for purchase. Feel free to bring your own.
  • After entering the room, select any available chair and make yourself comfortable. Turn off your cell phone or better yet, leave your phone in one of the secure lockers available at our center.
  • When you take your place in the EESystem, Dr. Michael recommends thanking your body for being made so perfectly. You can set your intention for what condition you would like to improve, but you should recognize that your body knows what areas to prioritize .
  • Close your eyes and relax.

Session Guidelines

  • Since the EESystem is made of sensitive, precisely-aligned electronics, water and members are not allowed near the EESystem units.
  • Members can bring closed water containers into the EESystem. Straws are not allowed unless required by a disability.
  • Plastic water bottles are not allowed in the EESystem. Spring water will be available to members.
  • No food is allowed in the EESystem. Members can utilize the break room and kitchen to store and eat food brought for night sessions.
  • Our EESystem is a cellphone-free zone. Please leave the room to make any phone calls.
  • We provide lockers for your convenience to store and secure any of your items.

Children Session Guidelines

  • Maximum of 6 children per session.
  • Children are $100 for the 2-hour session, while the Caregiver is FREE. Additional adults are allowed for $100 as space allows.
  • The lights will be on during children’ sessions and the area will be contained within a gated enclosure.
  • Children are not expected to be silent; however, they are expected to sit or lie in a chair or on the blanket on the floor. They can use tablets, read books or play with toys that cannot injure someone if thrown. Crayons and pens are not allowed in the room. Feel free to bring a small chair, mat or pillow for them.
  • We reserve the right to end a child’s session for unsafe or disruptive behavior.
  • Water cups must have a lid. Food is not allowed in the room.

Pet Session Guidelines

  • Maximum of 6 pets per session; 1 pet per person.
  • Pets are $25 for the 2-hour session, while pet owners are $100. Additional pet owners are allowed for $100 as space allows.
  • Pets must be clean, free of fleas/ticks and well-behaved.
  • We reserve the right to end the session for unruly or aggressive pets.
  • Dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier and cats must be in a carrier. Feel free to bring a clean dog bed. Pets must remain on the floor.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets in the event of accidents. Cleaning supplies will be provided.
  • All other regular EESystem session rules apply.

After Your Session

  • It is important to hydrate after your session.
  • Dr. Michael recommends taking a detox bath within 24 hours after your EE Session. The detox bath should be for at least 30 minutes in a hot bath with 2 cups of sea salt, 2 cups of baking soda, and 1 cup of Borax. Additional optional bath ingredients, as well as some juice detox recipes, can be found in the FAQs under Detox Bath Recipe. We have pre-prepared Detox baths available for purchase at our center.
  • Maintain the benefits of your session by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wearing your EESystem bio-scalar enhanced medallions and bracelets.

Operation Hours

Business Hours:  9 am – 7 pm, Monday – Saturday.

Night Sessions:  9 pm – 7 am, Select Nights

Kids Hours:  To Be Determined

Pet Hours:  To Be Determined

Other Services


Massage Therapy

Ionic Bath