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Stephanie Koch


In the spring of 2023, I noticed this “growth” developing on my nose. It was beginning to cause me to be self conscious of this “thing” on my face. In August 2023, I began periodically going to HBHS in Covington to experience 2 or 3 hr EES sessions. In November 2023, I had completed 16 hrs of EES (so far) and the growth on my nose has dissipated! I cannot attribute its departure to anything else. Can’t wait to see what other blessings will be revealed.

Jeannie Causey ND

Ms. Cindy is an amazing Reiki Master with such spiritual insight and guidance. I never wanted the session to end. Ms. Cindy has such a graceful, calming, angelic presence that was so comforting. I would highly recommend a session with her and see for yourself.

M. P. G.

From the moment you walk into the doors of Healthy Body Healthy Soul you are immediately met with warmth, kindness, and a big HUG. It is a wonderful inviting atmosphere. I have had the opportunity to have 8, 2 hour sessions. During this time my anxiety has reduced, my skin issues have improved and most importantly the neuropathy in my feet has lessened. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the monthly Moon Maidens sessions, which I always look forward to. It’s a rewarding, therapeutic time for women to connect on a spiritual level, learn about the cycles of the moon and to grow spiritually while sitting in the EESystem room for an added BOOST! I cannot say enough good things about this place.


Is it possible to give more than five stars?

I greatly appreciate that Daphne and Faith offer complimentary sessions for Veterans in the EESystem. I have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity and have found the benefits of the EESystem to be very beneficial with my PTSD. It has also helped with relieving my back and shoulder pain. The tranquil environment of Healthy Body Healthy Soul is something I look forward to. I would highly recommend to anyone, and I Do!


I was very skeptical at first and apprehensive, but my friend dragged me along and we made it a girl’s night out. Well, I was quickly surprised. There are such healing powers in that room. I can’t really describe it! I attended the Moon Maidens’ Circle sessions, and I was hooked. It’s something I look forward to monthly. I feel the stress release and anxiety go away while I’m in the EESystem room. I have had the opportunity to also be a part of the Meditation classes and find that just learning how to breathe properly and self-awareness can lead to better healing and deeper meditation. All the Staff at Healthy Body Healthy Soul are so welcoming and kind, I sort of feel like I have created bonds with the people there.


My nephew is 8 years old. He’s diagnosed ADHD but also has some obvious sensory processing issues and some tics/patterns that would lead you to suspect that he is on the extremely high-functioning autism spectrum.

He went for an over-night session at HBHS in Covington in May 2023 at the end of the school year. At the time he was a skinny little thing who barely ate anything outside of his 5 or 6 safe foods.

It’s now October 2023 and I’m going to list some of the obvious improvements that we experienced in him.

Before-never played pretend; After-has a vivid imagination,plays pretend

Before-not very much play between him and his 4year old sister; After-CONNECTION, relationship with baby sister, playing!

Before-no deep question or inquiry about God; After- intrinsic interest in what God is

Before-never would agree to sleep in his own bed; After-major progress with sleeping in his room over night

Before-don’t you dare expect him to eat blue berries, seeds on his buns, cheese on a picnic sandwich, and many other dietary quirks; After-the dude is willing to try things!!!! He eats blueberries, seeds on buns, and CHEESE on a not so cold sandwich….WHAT?!?!

Before-short-fused, temper loss with immediate disassociation; After-still our same short fused boy but this dude is willing to listen and reason like never before. He’s really present in his body and available for heartfelt conversation like he never has been before.

It’s as if something that was suppressing his highest expression was healed on a deep and profound level. The dude is interested in concepts like God and how Love could create the universe. He’s such a special and sensitive guy with massive amounts of empathy.

EEsystem helped him to self regulate and be more in touch with the truth of his emotions.

His body just looks HEALTHIER and stronger. His eyes are brighter and he’s able to handle tough moments much better than before.

I could actually go on and on. I just wanted to highlight some of the more noticeable things to help any parents who are considering EEsystem as an alternative therapy for their kids with different neurological and behavioral difficulties.

My sister (his mom) or myself would love to chat with anyone who has more questions about his experience.

I would encourage mothers to make a list of those subtle things you feel could be healed within your child and go for sessions with full faith in the body’s ability to heal. It took a few weeks of progressive improvements for all of these changes to fully manifest. This is just from one over night session for 10 hours.

We can’t wait to bring him back for more nights of healing.

Taylor C.

My husband’s heath journey has not been an easy one.

He was very active and then suddenly diagnosed with debilitating Parkinson Disease along with severe headaches in 2020. We have exhausted many treatments in the last 3 years to improve his quality of life. He has tried it all, from 40 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, physical therapy, Botox, & pain management. All to no avail.

In May of 2023 began our journey with Health Body & Healthy Soul EES. We can’t say enough positive things about the facility and the staff. It’s just been an incredible experience that we hope to continue in my husband’s behalf.

It has had so many positive effects. One is a profound increase of energy and stamina in both he and I. He can cut the entire yard on rider mower now, exercise more and just do more in general. His headaches are less severe. Tremors have seemed to improve as well. We also found the EES deceased his anxiety level and depression. We both feel revitalized with every visit.

Healing with frequency is another tool in our box that has truly helped in our health journey.

Paulette C.


Here is the story of one man’s journey with the EES experience.
I had decided that I wanted to do a 3 hour session on my first and second rounds. I had brought my wife with me because we were both dealing with a lot of issues from a medical standpoint.

Going in I had heard that you end up sleeping throughout most of the session. Bingo! That happened.
Woke up on the hour having to go to the bathroom. One of things I noticed, it felt like there was a weighted blanket over me. Came back in after a quick bathroom break, settled back down and noticed the pain in both hands. AH!, I forgot to give my intentions on the arthritis I had been having issues with. Few minutes later, pain was gone. Out of the 3 hours, I probably slept 2 hours and 40 minutes. Pretty easy session.
Friends were texting me afterwards to see how it went. Something told me to wait on any responses.
This is not over yet. We were told that the effects of the session would go on for a few hours.

We took our drive back home after making a few stops.
Instinctively, I felt we needed to do the detox baths that night. That turned out to be intense.
My wife went first and stated that she was getting weak after about 20 minutes. Told her to drain the tub, she didn’t need to finish the full 30 minutes. Being the fighter that she is, choose to hang in there.
Afterwards, she said that her body didn’t feel normal. I replied “what do you mean?”
She stated “you’ll see”

Sure enough, 20 minutes in, the sweat that was rolling down into my eyes was burning so bad, it was incredible. Starting getting a bit weak and that passed. Went and took a shower afterwards only to feel exhausted. Well, this would be a great time to go to bed. Needless to say, I had a solid night of sleep.

The next two sessions were a bit different. Not as much sleeping. Gave a me a chance to go through a prayer meditation on the issues at hand visualizing my body being healed. Great time to be in prayer.

2nd Detox bath was even more intense. Eyes burning again but no weakness. Jumped in the shower afterwards and was rinsing off when it hit me. Hurried to dry off somewhat, grabbed a few towels, threw them on the bed with no time to spare. Laid there for a few minutes collecting myself-thinking,
“Wow, I’ve got a lot toxins being released! LoL Let it be done. “

3rd Detox bath, less of the eyes burning and now having a better routine on how to go through it all. Decided to just hang out in the tub for a bit rather than scramble for a place to lay down.
That turned out to be a great choice. Ended up getting a weak feeling and got through it.
Mission accomplished. (Note) Detox routine = Have a big glass of water on the side. Have your phone set up with your timer so you can see it or a clock for that matter. One or two towels to be able to wipe the sweat with. Whenever I need to grab something, I added hot water and rinsed my hands off. Everything gets slippery during the detox. Afterwards, I use that time to rinse out the tube to get rid of the slickness of everything and make sure all is well before moving. Be careful when you try to get up.
This might be a time you experience light-headedness or find the surfaces slicker than you thought.

4th session was a bit more like the first. Slept maybe 30 minutes out of the 2 hour session. The portion that I was awake, I felt really happy. It was at this time I realized that being in that space was so much better than what I went through the last 10 days. Energies have been intense last week or so.

Here’s what I’ve experienced so far from going through this
1. I’m sleeping much better. Very seldom getting up throughout the night
2. A couple of days before I started this, I decided not to take 2 of the shots I take every month just to see what would happen knowing I could be in pain within a week. 5 weeks in and no pain. At this rate, no more shots for me…. Hated putting that garbage into my body.
3. Noticed as of late, I’m not the free bleeder I use to be.
4. Finding that my senses have been elevated a bit.
5. looking forward to getting my blood work done again in the fall to see how much I have improved.
6. Did I mention I was sleeping better……lol
Take care and be well on your road to recovery.

I first heard about the EE Systems from my daughters that live in Florida, they had such great results that I could not wait for the grand opening here in Covington, LA. I was especially interested in the “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate mood, and more. Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was the wonderful staff! They were professional, kind, and so helpful. Because we live in Mississippi (about 2 ½ hours away) we chose the 10 hr overnight stay. I can tell you we were not disappointed! I was amazed to see just how much overall improvement we experienced with just one 10 hr overnight stay.

My sister and I are both in our 70’s and experiencing health issues. In November of 2022 she had a stroke with left side paralysis and was still having severe mobility problems. I had a brain aneurysm repair 7 days after her stroke. We are both retired RNs with multiple spine injuries from pulling and lifting patients over the years as well as MVC accidents. So we both had severe pain (neck, back sciatic nerve pain, muscle spasm, stiff joints, and nagging headache issues for the past 20-30 years). After treatment, we both woke up pain free and I had no stiffness. Early morning my sister noticed she could lift her left leg independently and wiggle her toes, she had not been able to move like this since her stroke! After returning home, she continued to improve as now she can turn on to her right side independently. What joy!!!

My husband of 40 years had passed away about a year and a half ago and I had severe depression/anxiety. I must say that my mood is at a normal level and I’m actually sleeping more at night, as well as my over-active bladder problem has vanished. In 1993 I had surgery in both feet by the wrong surgeon, he flattened both feet by clipping my lateral ligaments and instead of filing off the bone spurs he knocked them off leaving jagged edges that pressed into my heels, from that time on I had almost constant foot pain and numbness. The pain was more intense after standing or walking from 45 min to an hour. Usually after waking up, my feet would always be tender when first touching the floor and I worried that I would eventually become wheelchair bound.

After only one treatment, the severe foot pain, tenderness, stiffness, and discomfort is totally gone! I have not felt this good since 1993.

I had Covid twice since January and was still experiencing fatigue and weakness. My energy is returning and the brain fog is lifting! My body feels renewed and I can’t wait for my next appointment!!! This has left me wondering if the waves could be the real fountain of youth?!

Verena Spivey

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